10 Former New York Knicks Who Could Coach The Team Next Season

  • BIll Cartwright. As a GM, Kerr once hired Cartwright to work with the Suns bigs. Close enough.

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  • Charles Oakley. Oak’s turned into a vocal but respected part of Toronto franchise history recently. It’s time for NY to reclaim him.

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  • Steve Francis. He could really use a better way to fill his time than this.

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  • Greg Anthony. Hey, analysts are hot on this year’s coaching market.

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  • Derek Harper. He may not have ever coached the triangle, but he’s played in it (’98-99 Lakers).

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  • Kiki Vandeweghe. He’s a second generation Knick and now Senior VP of Basketball Ops for the NBA.

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  • Anthony Mason. Mase has been giving his opinion on toughening up this year’s team.

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  • Pat Ewing. He’s been an assistant for four different teams in the past 10 years. It’s time he was considered for a head coaching job and what better fit could there be?

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  • Mark Jackson. Far and away the people’s choice at this point in the coaching search. Unless…

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  • Phil Jackson. You already know.

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Steve Kerr leveraged the Knicks interest into a huge contract with Golden State. Now Knicks prez Phil Jackson is reportedly looking at other potential coaches versed in the, cough, triangle offense or at least familiar enough with Knicks history to restore some of that legacy to today’s squad. Twitter—and presumably every New York area bar and barbershop—was awash in opinions about who should take the helm. Clearly, whoever gets the job should know how to handle the pressure of performing at Madison Square Garden on a nightly basis. Here are 10 guys who meet that description. Print this out, Phil.

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