• ICYMI: The Best Plays of the Orlando Summer League
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  • The first glimpse of 2014-15 NBA action is in the books, and although the Orlando Summer League lasted only a week, it’s left us excited for this year’s influx of young talent.

    In Orlando, we watched some of the draft’s top prospects put their skill sets on display, and also the return of last year’s fallen draft darling Nerlens Noel. Players like Elfrid Payton and Mitch McGary helped solidify their status as premiere building blocks for their respective teams, and gave us a taste of what’s to come from this year’s class.

    We’re still in the midst of free agency, but give Woj’s Twitter feed a break, kick back and take in the Best Plays of the Orlando Summer League. 

  • Tony Mitchell Throws Down in the Open Court

    We’ve seen this from Tony Mitchell in the Summer League time and time again, and these emphatic jams just never get old.

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  • Elfrid Payton Crosses Hard and Tosses a Perfect Lob

    Elfrid Payton is quickly erasing the previously unknown label with his flashy plays in Orlando. He’s a beast on the defensive end, but he puts his handles and dishing ability on display here.

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  • Elfrid Payton Jams Hard

    Once again, the Louisiana-Lafayette product is out here looking like a young Calvin Cambridge.

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  • Mitch McGary Leads the Break

    Mitch McGary is a big man with a big skill set, and he showed off his unique handling ability here.

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  • McGary Sends it Back

    McGary doesn’t send a hole lot of shots back, but when he does, he sends them BACK.

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  • Mason Plumlee Beautiful Oop No. 1

    Second-year Plumlee brother Mason plans on having a big 2014-15 campaign, and if he keeps tossing out dimes like this one, he shouldn’t have a problem.

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  • Mason Plumlee Beautiful Oop No. 2

    Plums, man. Let Plums be Plums.

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  • Shabazz Drops a Dime

    At the moment, the Miami Heat roster has three players on it. Shabazz Napier is one of them. If Shabazz won’t be helping out LeBron and friends next year as a role player, Heat fans will be counting on a whole lot of this in 2015.

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  • Napier Threads the Needle Leading to a Jam

    Just a casual reminder that Miami traded three picks to get Napier last month. If he keeps doing things that channel his days as a Husky, nobody will even remember.

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  • Andre Roberson Streaks in for the Slam

    Let’s do some math. Andre Roberson made 11 of his 12 dunks last season. He made 2 of his 23 jumpshots. Andre wouldn’t be on this list if he wasn’t slamming a ball through a rim.

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  • Jarnell Stokes Reverses on You Haters

    Jarnell Stokes is 6’8″, 260, went to Tennessee, and just went zero to 100 real quick.

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  • "GTFO" -- Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

    KCP is hoping to fully enter himself into the current elite prospect group this season under SVG, and IDK if he will, but this block was nuts.

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  • Nerlens Noel Dunks on His First Summer League Touch

    It took 18 months for Nerlens Noel to play in a real basketball game again, but it didn’t take long for him to remind us all why he could’ve been drafted first overall last year.

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