Mario Chalmers’ Dirtiest Plays

  • You think it. His Heat teammates think it. The guys he’s guarding do, too. Mario Chalmers is really annoying. What makes him a universally pesky figure (well, everywhere except in Lawrence, Kan.) is a combination of aggravating factors. Could it be the fact that ‘Rio probably believes in his head he’s the second best player on the team? Or that he truly believes he’s the heir to Jerry West’s “Mr. Clutch” nickname? Well, some of that might contribute to his annoyance. But, as was on full display on Sunday when Chalmers jabbed Tony Parker in the stomach with his off elbow—and then said that he didn’t remember delivering that flagrant foul—Chalmers is a habitual line-stepper and it makes him a perfect villain. Here are Mario Chalmers’ dirtiest plays.


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  • 1. Flagrant on Joakim Noah

    In Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals last year, Mario Chalmers took a shot at Joakim Noah’s neck, away from the ball, in a game where Miami led by 26 points. It was initially called as a common foul, but the league reviewed and upgraded it to a flagrant. Noah extracted a measure of revenge by clapping while Bosh was yelling at Chalmers in the next game.

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  • 2. Suspended for hitting Dirk Nowitzki

    Chalmers has no chill, even against bigger guys on the court. Here he is delivering an elbow to Dirk Nowitzki’s head. He was ejected and suspended one game by the league. The best part about the whole play was Chalmers helping Dirk up after delivering the blow. A gentleman’s elbow.

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  • 3. Flagrant foul on C.J. Watson

    Here’s Chalmers delivering a shove to C.J. Watson in this year’s Conference Finals as Watson was in mid-air. It’s an unwritten rule that you don’t undercut another player that way and Watson was fortunate to crash into the padding and the cameramen and avoiding a significant injury.

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  • 4. Shoves Kevin Durant in the Finals

    In the 2012 NBA Finals, on a play where Chalmers was crossing half court to call a timeout, Kevin Durant decided to try and go for a timely steal. Chalmers did not appreciate this at all, shoving Durant which brought both teams onto the court. We assume his teammates proceeded to yell at him on the bench.

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  • 5. Trash Talking Paul Pierce

    Even when the play is dead, Chalmers still claps at opponents. In a regular season game against the Nets this season, Chalmers would not stop chirping at Paul Pierce as he stepped to the free throw line to clinch the game. If you look at the video closely, Pierce is telling Chalmers, “you don’t bother me.” Which is a lie, we’re all bothered by Chalmers.

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  • 6. A ridiculous flop against the Spurs

    Another way to get under opponents’ skin is with his flopping. Here, look at how Chalmers launches himself on a shove from Tony Parker. Parker’s incredulous face afterwards says it all.

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  • 7. Chalmers and David West go at it

    Here’s Chalmers being a pest after the whistle, knocking the ball out of David West’s hand and earning himself a mini-shove from the big man. West was called for a technical foul on the play, proof that Rio’s annoying tactics work. Positive reinforcement, and all that. Also, love Ronny Turiaf stepping in.

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  • 8. Chalmers knocks DeMarcus Cousins down

    Chalmers will not back down from big men, it seems. Here he is delivering a full two-handed shove to DeMarcus Cousins as he enters the lane, knocking him into the ground. Unsurprisingly, Boogie was hot after he got back to his feet.

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  • 9. He’s hurt, then he isn’t

    This is the most Mario Chalmers sequence ever. He gets knocked down by Tyler Hansbrough on one end and is lying down like a victim on the floor while his team gets back on defense. Then after a turnover, he’s healed, and spots up for a three-pointer. Peak annoyance.

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  • 10. Chalmers vs. Blake Griffin

    Here’s a ridiculous flop from Chalmers against Blake Griffin. Later in the same game, Griffin delivered a monster stuff and stared down Chalmers in the process.

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