• Money to Blow: Our GIF Guide to NBA Free Agent D-Day
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  • When the clock struck midnight on July 1, NBA Free Agency was officially upon the basketball world. NBA owners and GMs were looking to place a glass slipper on the foot of their prized free agent. As the night turned into day, Adrian Wojnarowski was breaking stories left and right as the hours crept later and later into the night. But, this is only the beginning of the free agency battle.The whole landscape of the NBA could change within the next few hours or days. Your favorite team could sign a superstar like LeBron or Carmelo, or plug together their roster with pieces like Eric Bledsoe and Gordon Hayward. The possibilities are endless. For NBA fans, this is our Christmas in July. The future of multiple players will change in free agency and we’ve set up a GIF guide to describe each free agent’s future.

  • LeBron James

    As the apex player in the NBA, Lebron looms over every free agency decision and his Decision (part II) will shape the league for the near future. Logically, every team will want a piece of the King, and this was probably the scene in front of the King’s house last night as GM’s waited to make their pitch.

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  • Carmelo Anthony

    OK, the Knicks may have no cap room, no second star, no draft picks and no chance at winning a title in the near future. But c’mon Melo, it’s the Garden! It’s New York. Phil! I just outlined the Knicks pitch in three sentences. Please don’t go Melo.


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  • Dwyane Wade

    Dwyane Wade used to be one of the “Superheroes” of the NBA, if you will. With his lackluster Finals performance and inability to play a full season, Wade has turned human before our eyes. Miami may want him back, but what’s the point if he can only play 30 or 40 games?

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  • Chris Bosh

    Bosh (Left Dinosaur):”Come on, LeBron! Where are we gonna play next year??? Tell me, tell me please please I want to know now!”

    LeBron (Right Dinosaur): *sigh*

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  • Chris Andersen

    Birdman’s chances at getting a big contract went up in flames over the course of his up and down 2014 playoffs. This GIF of Birdman (the rapper) sums up the fact that Birdman (NBA player) won’t have Money To Blow come August.

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  • Lance Stephenson

    Born Ready lead the NBA with five — count em, FIVE — triple doubles this season. He’s about to pull in bank from anyone willing to throw money at him and the wining and dining has already begun. You may not like his antics, but his bank account will justify the means.

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  • Nick Young

    Swaggy P balled out this season and should have teams knocking at the door for his services, even as the Lakers try to keep him as an insurance plan on Kobe’s knee. Nick Young is just dancing away as the money falls into his lap. Swaggy P max contract anybody?

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  • Andray Blatche

    Will Blatche stay in Brooklyn or will he go? Will anyone still be on the Nets roster when the season begins? Blatche is still cashing $23 million in NBA checks from being amnestied by the Wizards a few seasons ago, so he’s just doing his happy dance.

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  • Marcin Gortat

    The Polish Hammer wrecked the NBA this season and looks to make a huge smash in free agency. The only way to do that? With a Polish Hammer of course.

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  • Glen Davis

    Who wants to pay Glen Davis? Probably Krispy Kreme. Davis is just waiting for that hot-n-ready sign to pop up — the NBA is the last thing on his mind.

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  • Boris Diaw

    Diaw’s passing ability is best thing to come out of France since the Statue of Liberty, and he’s set himself up for a huge payday given his play in the 2014 playoffs.   MAKE IT RAIN EUROS, BORIS!

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  • Patty Mills

    Do I care that Kangaroo Jack, my favorite childhood movie, somehow has an 8% on Rotten Tomatoes? No! This piece of cinematic brilliance is the perfect metaphor for Patty Mills’ impending free agency. After his breakout Finals performance, everybody wants to get a piece of Patty. The Australian will be swimming in money just like the Kangaroo in this GIF, and R.C. Buford (appearing in this GIF as Jerry O’Connell) may not be able to hold on to him.

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  • Mario Chalmers

    Playing Shabazz Napier fresh out of UConn would have been a better option than Mario Chalmers in the NBA Finals. With Napier drafted to Miami, Chalmers career is all but over in South Beach. Let’s be honest, will anybody actually want to pay Mario Chalmers money to play basketball? He might be waiting awhile.

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