• Tall Guys on Bikes: A Look at the NBA’s Bicycle Club
  • Checked real hard and no this isn’t a photoshop. Just a wonderful memento from an old Taco Bell ad campaign featuring Hakeem Olajuwon and Shaq.

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  • Derrick Rose was spotted rehabbing in D.C. during the Bulls first round playoff series against the Washington Wizards.

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  • That time Caron Butler went biking with some congressmen and the Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark.

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  • LeBron James is an avid two-wheeler, having established a Ferrari or bicycle commute to games routine, invested in Cannondale and leading a bike-a-thon every summer in Akron.

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  • No clue where MJ is headed but we hope he has a lock for that bike somewhere…

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  • …because people get a kick out of stealing tall guys’ bikes.

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  • PhilJax = early adopter

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  • That time Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union took part in Critical Mass.

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  • JR Smith once went on a 2 a.m. ride with his social media followers.

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  • Here’s Chris Paul taking a stroll with former Clipper Maalik Wayns and his agent, Rich Paul. I’m sure Rich Paul is biking his way to Cleveland right now.

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  • Good to see that Nate Robinson appears to be recovered from his torn ACL.

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  • KD’s riding tour of the D.C. monuments would’ve been better with a Hook ‘em Horns troll here.

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  • chris-paul-on-bike

The transition from the season to the offseason leaves a lot of free time for the NBA players. Don’t you wonder exactly what these guys are doing during the long and hot summer days? The most obvious answer is riding bikes, of course.

Fitness is the name of the game and NBA stars are no stranger to that. These players may not be the next Greg LeMond, but we’re confident these guys are competent enough to bike with the best of them. From LeBron James and Chris Paul, to Phil Jackson, Shaq, and Hakeem Olajuwon; they’ve all been spotted on bikes during their respective careers. Even Derrick Rose was spotted on a bike during his rehab, while J.R. Smith took his Twitter followers on a 2 a.m. bike ride. We can’t make this stuff up, just keep clicking next.

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