The 10 Most Based NBA References on Lil B’s Hoop Life Mixtape

  • Lil B had most hoops heads buzzing with the release of his “F— KD” video back in March. Now he’s dropped his new Hoops Life mixtape this Sunday, just a few hours after Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder got eliminated from the Western Conference Finals. Based God’s NBA references go deeper than just the MVP’s world, though, so we did an exhaustive compilation of the most based basketball bars on Lil B’s newest release.


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  • 10. "Flow like Jordan, call me Doug Christie" (NBA Stole My Swag)

    Whut? Guess Lil B sees some underappreciated swag in Mr. Jackie Christie.

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  • 9. "LeBron with Miami, these n----- need a Grammy, I'm pitching underhandy" (Payton on Broncos Jordan on Wizards)

    That’s how winners get down, right?

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  • 8. "Shout out Steph Curry, on the court pushing 30, out here flexing blind like that boy Larry Birdy" (Hoop Life)

    True. Shooting and slinging blind passes like Larry Legend.

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  • 7. "F--- KD, but I love the Thunder" (Lockdown)

    You already know.

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  • 6. "3 point on a b---- like Dirk Nowitzki, up in the club like Dirk Nowitzki" (F--- KD)

    Dirk does indeed go hard both behind the arc and at Liv.

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  • 5. "F--- Michael Jordan, and f--- whoever" (Ski Ski BasedGod)

    Not sure that MJ will ever hear about this, or care, but Lil B’s curses have been known to be effective.

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  • 4. "Tiny shirts Christmas, what...James Worthy" (NBA Stole My Swag)

    Solid reference to the snugness of the NBA’s alternate Christmas jerseys.

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  • 3. "B---- I know Ron Artest, b---- I know Klay Thompson, b---- I know Toni Kukoc" (Lockdown)

    What we wouldn’t give to hear this roundtable on defense, moderated by Lil B.

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  • 2. "Hoop life, Lil' B, Tim Duncan groupies" (NBA Stole My Swag)

    Never really thought about it until Duncan’s GF started making TV cameos during the playoffs but, yeah…makes sense that Timmy probably does pull. Good call!

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  • 1. "Mehmet Okur, Tupac Shakur, I'm feeling awesome" (NBA Stole My Swag)

    Memo retired in 2012 but his last name rhymes with Pac’s and that’s swag.

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