The Incredible Wonder of Kevin Love’s Facial Hair

  • Now that he’s told the Minnesota Timberwolves that he wants out, Kevin Love is drawing attention from any team with a speck of cap space. Throughout the years, Love has blessed us all with a wide arsenal of offensive options, odd injuries, and even more bizarre facial hair decisions. In honor of the heavily coveted forward’s many facial hairstyles, here is a slideshow documenting the greatest and strangest.


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  • At this point, Kevin Love is just a doughy ball of potential. His game is years away from being at the superstar-level it is today, and that face is merely a blank canvas for the facial hair auteur.

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  • The beginning stages of the beard we have come to know and love today. Love kept it clean when he wasn’t battling the Minnesota cold.

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  • This is what happens when you go from Los Angeles to Minnesota: appearances become less important. Love looks a bit pudgier and the beginnings of his full beard are starting to form

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  • This is Kevin Love’s beard in all its glory. Love’s beard has taken many incarnations over the years, but this is Love at his best, wielding a weapon of pure testosterone. Kevin Love looks fresh from the mountains after hours of chopping wood and now he’s ready to post-up anyone and put in marginal effort on defense.

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  • With a name like Kevin Love, he knew his porn career was only missing one crucial detail.

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  • Swipe right if you’d like to message with Kevin Love, swipe left to skip.

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  • Can’t really say anything about this one, you have to admit: Love looks good. This is the kind of beard that even has science on its side.

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  • A modern day Caligula. K-Love, already more gifted than most men in sprouting an impressive mane of hair, added this artificial, knitted beard into the mix because nothing will ever be enough for him. You never had a chance, Minnesota.

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  • Oh, whoops, how did that get in here?? :(

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