• The Very Animated Career of Stan Van Gundy, in GIFs
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  • New Detroit Pistons boss Stan Van Gundy has had a very interesting run during his eight seasons as an NBA head coach, and his .641 career winning percentage can sometimes be overshadowed by his gregarious, animated personality when he is on or near a basketball court. A classic “heart on his sleeve” kind of guy, Van Gundy possesses tremendous skills as a basketball coach that are dwarfed only by his talents as an often-hilarious sideline performer.

    Stan-Van brings both winning basketball and scene-stealing mannerisms to Detroit, two things that Pistons fans will certainly enjoy. He’s never had a losing season while on the bench, a promising stat for a talented but underachieving team that sorely needs the injection of Van Gundy’s ebullient personality and plainly obvious passion for the game. As we prepare for his arrival on the Motor City sidelines, here’s a look at the Very Animated Career of Stan Van Gundy, in GIFs.

  • Presumably a play call and not a 2 Chainz shout out.

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  • No one’s ever gotten more excited about a Rashard Lewis three.

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  • Da-White Struggle Face, the early years.

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  • Thank God he didn’t have to dive into the stands.

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  • SVG got handles and UOENO it.

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  • He was actually describing Marcin Gortat’s future in the League.

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  • Coney Island? Pfft. SVG shows Sebastian Telfair how to get these buckets.

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  • Never scurred, not even of KG.

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  • “They’re out of Diet Pepsi?!”

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  • I’lll ride for my Hedo, I’ll dye for my Hedo.

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