According to Bucks GM, Giannis “Greek Freak” Antetokounmpo is Still Growing

Last year’s draft class was lackluster, but the one player everyone has been buzzing about for his long-term potential is Giannis Antetokounmpo, who the Bucks took with the 15th overall pick. Because of his length, size and giant hands, he became an internet cult figure. Antetokounmpo showed flashes during his rookie season, but remains a work in progress. In 77 games, including 23 starts, he averaged a meager 6.8 points, 4.4 rebounds and shot 41% from the field. But check out his block on Kevin Durant, there are very few players in the league who could recover like this. Maybe a handful, if that.


If that has people buying stock in The Greek Freak’s potential, wait til you hear what Bucks general manager John Hammond had to say yesterday at a pre-draft Q&A:

I think Giannis is going to be a multiple position player some day. He came last September he was 6-9, 190 (lbs.) and today he’s almost 6-11, 217 pounds. I think Giannis is a guy that is going to be able to play, at his size, he’s going to be able to play some small forward and he’s going to play some power forward some day.’

That’s right. Giannis has grown two inches in a span of a year, and could be a seven footer by the time we check on him when training camp starts. Keep in mind also, he’s still only 19 years old and is the youngest player in the league. The Bucks have the second overall pick in tomorrow’s draft, which means they’ll be adding another piece into their core. But if the team is going to contend in the near future, the development of Giannis will be a huge factor as well. Here’s every single one of his dunks from his rookie year. Again, brace yourself, Giannis is about to blow up in the next couple of seasons.


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