Andrew Wiggins Had Quite A Night At Vegas Summer League

When the Cleveland Cavaliers won the LeBron James sweepstakes, many people immediately pointed to his Sports Illustrated piece and how it neglected to mention Andrew Wiggins when he talked about the potential of the roster in Cleveland. It was believed this meant Wiggins would be moved in a potential deal for Kevin Love.

Well, if you’ve been watching summer league, Wiggins is making a really good case that not only should he stay in Cleveland, but he might be ready to contribute sooner rather than later. Last night, he unleashed this spin move and dunk that had the entire gym screaming, “replay, replay”.



Soon after, he showed off his athleticism on the defensive end with this ridiculous block.

Wiggins is still a work in progress, and many expect his offensive game to leave much to be desired at the pro level at least to start. But his athletic ability gives him the potential to be a terror on the defensive end right off the bat. He’ll be filling the lanes on the fast break with LeBron and Kyrie Irving, and will have time to grow — similar to Kawhi Leonard — as a secondary option while his team contends for a title.

As it stands, Wiggins is set up to succeed in Cleveland.

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