Before the Cleveland Cavaliers hired David Blatt, they were rumored to be going after some of the most established coaches in the college ranks. John Calipari reported turned down a $60 million offer to coach the Cavs, and now Kansas coach Bill Self admits he was part of the process as well, “I talked to the Cavs’ people a lot throughout their evaluation process and the draft, but I’ll just leave it at that,” Self said. “That wasn’t anything I wanted to become public, certainly, and they didn’t either.”

Of course, all of this happened before the start of free agency, and before any of these potential coaches knew they would have LeBron James on the roster. Which, we think, would have changed the thought process quite a bit for Calipari and Self.

Self would have been an especially interesting choice since he would have graduated to the pros with Andrew Wiggins, whom he coached last season.

We should also remind you that Tyronn Lue — who is the highest paid assistant coach in the league this year with Cleveland — almost became head coach to LeBron James. That just sounds like it would have been amazing.

Instead, these college coaches will have to wonder “what if”, while David Blatt spends the rest of the summer wondering what he ever did to deserve such great luck.

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