Henry Thomas, the agent for Miami Heat stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, said at the Orlando Pro Summer League today that “nothing has changed” in regards to the approach his clients have taken since opting out of their contracts.

He said that both Bosh and Wade are operating individually rather than seeking out options as a pair, and that, “They appreciate what they’ve done in Miami those four years together, and they want to make sure they have a chance to have that same success the next four (years).” The duo have reached the NBA Finals in each of the last four seasons, winning two titles.

The two have very different agendas when it comes to free agency; however, Thomas says that both will be making decisions about their future “within the next couple of days.”

“This is a process, really a different process for each one of them,” he said. “It just has to play out. But what I can tell you is that nothing’s changed.”

Comparatively, Bosh has a lot more value than Wade given Bosh’s age (30 vs. Wade’s 32), his ability to play the stretch four position, and his lack of a serious injury history. There are already several teams rumored to be after him, including the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks, and all will likely be able to offer him a max salary.

Wade is a lifelong member of the Heat franchise, and surely would prefer to stay with the only team he’s ever known. His availability is also a serious concern; even though he never had an official injury last season, he only played 54 regular season games and faded badly towards the end of the playoffs. He’ll certainly need to accept a reduced salary to return to Miami, but it would be a pretty massive shock if he were to go anywhere else after 11 years and three titles with the Heat.

The Heat have been working through a long list of free agent targets this summer, including recent meetings with Luol Deng, Pau Gasol, Trevor Ariza, and Marvin Williams. It’s unclear as to whether those meetings have included them guaranteeing these targets that Wade, Bosh and LeBron James will be back, or whether they’re already preparing to move on from their epic run of success.

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