Carlos Boozer has some serious trouble getting out of a Lamborghini

We’ve laughed at Carlos Boozer before, like the time he showed up to a game against the Boston Celtics with this hair. Still one of the most awkward moments in recent NBA history.

He’s also due $16.8 million next season on an expiring contract, which means he is either an attractive trade chip for a team looking to open up cap space next summer, or—as lots of Bulls fans have talked about for years now—an amnesty candidate as Chicago looks to chase down free agent Carmelo Anthony in an attempt to retool the team around Derrick Rose.

Well, before any of that happens, we’ve been blessed with another historic Carlos Boozer moment. Alex Vega, who runs The Auto Firm in Miami, had Boozer test drive the Lamborghini Aventador. He even took a video of Boozer posing inside the fancy car.

But there was one problem, Boozer has a lot of trouble getting out of the car. A lot. Vega posted the Boozer shenanigans on The Auto Firm’s IG. I’ve watched this video nine times as of this writing, and will probably revisit it throughout the off-season.

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