Chris Bosh Says of That Heat “Will Win” Game 5

Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh has struggled the last two games, but that certainly hasn’t affected his confidence.

Bosh said this morning when asked about tonight’s game, “We’re not going down. We’re going to win this game tonight. We’re going to come. We prepare like we need to do. Plain and simple, we’re going to win this game.”

While some would say this is a gutsy guarantee given everything that has transpired, in truth it’s really the only answer Bosh could give in this situation. Is he supposed to say “Wow, we lost by 21 and then by 19 the last two games, we’ll be lucky to lose by single digits tonight”? Of course not.

It is interesting, though, that he would willingly offer up such a bold statement. While his belief is a positive sign for a Miami team that probably shouldn’t be all that confident given how they have played the last two games, it creates a potential distraction heading into the game tonight.

Bosh should probably just be worrying about himself at this point. He’s averaging just 14.3 points and 4.8 rebounds per game this series, and has scuffled especially of late; after averaging 18 points and six rebounds in the first two games, his averages have fallen to 10.5 points and 3.5 rebounds over the next two despite playing the same number of minutes.

He has been marginalized particularly on offense, where in Game 3 he attempted just four field goals, making all of them. He was more involved in Game 4 in going 5-for-11 from the field, and it will be vital for Miami to get him the ball with Dwyane Wade struggling of late. Bosh has become an excellent three point shooter too, converting 43.5 percent in the playoffs, and his ability to take Tim Duncan or Thiago Splitter away from the paint is one of the Heat’s great advantages in this series.

While he wouldn’t outright guarantee a win (“I don’t care about guarantees,” he said), he did say that the Heat “are just going to win the game.” So more of a promise than a guarantee, perhaps? In any case, Miami will need a confident and productive Bosh if they hope to survive Game 5 and extend their season.

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