Damian Lillard Posts a Pic and the Internet Tries to Tip Shame Him

The Internet is a dangerous play. People are always waiting to pounce on one mistake and turn you into their latest think piece. You already knew that. Damian Lillard? He most definitely knows that about this weekend.

Yesterday, he posted this photo on his Instagram without explicitly specify that this was, in fact, a photo he grabbed off the Internet.

And so, Lillard took heat for doing such a disrespectful thing especially when he’s making so much money from playing basketball. Several sites were reporting that he in fact was the one who gave a negative tip to the waiter. Lillard went on Twitter to defend himself, and made sure everyone understood it was simply a photo he saw on the Internet which he found to be hilarious.

Social media doesn’t encourage interaction especially from a fan-athlete standpoint, as much as it encourages the opportunity for people to jump on one mistake—even when it isn’t one. In this case, it’s was something as innocent as a funny receipt that didn’t even belong to Damian Lillard that served as a lesson. Next time: be more clear, or the entire Internet will come for you.

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