In a since-deleted tweet, Dion Waiters of the Cleveland Cavaliers was answering a few questions on Twitter, and when asked if he would accept a bench role next season, replied with a resounding “Nooooooo”.

This is interesting because with the drafting of Andrew Wiggins and of course LeBron’s arrival, it probably makes sense to have Waiters come off the bench as a scoring option for the second unit while Wiggins learns with the starters.

While he has not been the most efficient scorer in his first two seasons in the league, Waiters does have the potential to evolve into a dynamic player off the bench. Add to the fact LeBron can play multiple positions including at power forward in small line-ups, and you could see some interesting combinations out there, including something like Irving-Waiters-Wiggins-LeBron-Bennett.

It will be up to coach David Blatt to figure it all out.

We’ll say this: having too much talent and too few minutes is not exactly a bad problem. Welcome back to the stress of being a contender, Cleveland. Enjoy.

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