There was never any doubt Dirk Nowitzki would come back to the Dallas Mavericks this off-season. After a brief flirtation with the possibility of acquiring LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony, The Mavs quickly went to work to come to terms with their franchise player in a deal that should take Dirk to the end of his career.

When the verbal commitment was agreed upon, it was expected Dirk would be paid around $10 million per year, similar to the pay cut Tim Duncan took to give the Spurs more flexibility to build around him.

According to a report today, the final terms of the deal is actually for three years and $25 million. Mark Cuban and the Mavs have not taken the flexibility and stashed it for later. They’ve been aggressive, first acquiring Tyson Chandler in a trade with the Knicks, and acquiring Chandler Parsons via an offer sheet that Houston declined to match.

The Mavericks will be a very entertaining team to watch next season on the offensive end. They still could use an upgrade at the point guard position. The team is in win-now mode for the remainder of Dirk’s career. They will be nobody’s favorite to win the West, but who really wants to play them in the post-season?

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