It appears Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are doing their part to keep the Big Three Era going in Miami.

According to multiple reports (first from The Oregonian’s John Cazano), both Wade and Bosh are prepared to accept huge pay cuts to stay in Miami and allow the Heat to resign LeBron James for the maximum salary:

This is a huge step in Miami’s efforts to continue to build their team around their star trio, but also gives them the flexibility to potentially add another impact player this summer. If it’s true that they have $12 million to sign players, that puts them right in the thick of things in the race to sign Kyle Lowry or Luol Deng.

It also signifies that the LeBron’s co-stars have realized the same thing all of us have: that the Heat are LeBron’s team. James will make nearly twice as much money as the next-highest paid player, and altering the core’s pay distribution likewise signifies that the Heat really do care about winning above everything else. Bosh, especially, is leaving a lot of money on the table, as he would have likely been able to get the max from another team had he decided to go elsewhere.

Teams in the Eastern Conference will be none too happy to hear that the “Heatles” are staying together, given the chemistry they’ve developed in the last four years. However, with Indiana (hopefully) still on the rise and Chicago returning to health, it should help make for an increasingly compelling race for the top spot.

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