Even Without a Coaching Job, Mark Jackson is Still Preaching

When he’s not shouting “hand down, man down” and “mama there goes that man” as a basketball commentator, former Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson is a church pastor in Los Angeles.

It was World Vision Day this weekend, and Mark Jackson was out in the streets performing his duty:

You may remember, among the many reasons why Jackson and Warriors owner Joe Lacob had a falling out that led to the coach’s firing was because of Jackson’s unwillingness to relocate from Southern California to somewhere closer to the team. A huge part of that reason was because of the church work that Jackson does.

Or, as Marcus Thompson of The Mercury News put it when he reviewed the Jackson firing, “Asking him to move midstream is not like asking a UPS worker to transfer. It’s not as simple as “You can preach in the Bay.” Lacob is asking him to give up his church. He is telling him to relocate his family to the Bay Area, meaning the lifeblood of that church, Jackson and his wife, are gone. That’s not a matter-of-fact thing.”

Preach on, pastor Jackson.

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