Fan Takes Photo With Allen Iverson But Has No Idea Who He Is

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re out and someone tells you that a particular person hanging out at the same place as you is famous? Or sometimes you just see people taking photos with someone, and even if you don’t know who that person is, you sneak a photo in as well, just in case.

Well, that’s what happened to one fan this weekend, who took a photo with Allen Iverson but claimed she had no idea who he is, but only that people said Iverson was famous:

Now, my first reaction was probably like everyone who watches basketball: how can you not know who The Answer is?? Bu then, I took a step back to think it through, and realized that Iverson in his prime when he made the NBA Finals was in 2001, which was 13 years ago. So for a generation of fans, or just young people growing up, Iverson might only exist as a distant memory.

And then of course, there’s a simpler explanation: she might not have been a basketball fan at all. Which explains it all.

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