Free Agency Signing Period Begins: LeBron Still Deciding, Chandler Parsons Signs Offer Sheet

The free agency moratorium period is over, and players are officially able to sign contracts and offer sheets with teams.

But the biggest domino in all of this remains LeBron James, who met with Pat Riley yesterday in Las Vegas but left the meeting without making a commitment to the Heat. If you’re looking for a legitimate sign that LeBron is indeed agonizing over a decision between Miami and Cleveland, this might be it, especially considering the fact that Riley is unlikely to be able to make too many more impact moves over these next few days, after getting commitments from Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger this week.

LeBron will reportedly meet with his family and make a decision soon. He’s not expected to meet with any other teams, and is said to have all the information he needs.

Meanwhile, an actual signing happened that will impact what’s happening in Miami. Chandler Parsons officially signed a three-year, $46 million offer sheet with the Dallas Mavericks shortly after midnight. This puts the Houston Rockets on the clock, as they now have 72 hours to match. Complicating things is the fact they have a four-year, $88 million max offer to Chris Bosh, but he’s waiting for LeBron before deciding whether to move on from Miami.

Essentially, the Rockets have to make a decision between using up the cap space on either Parsons or Bosh. There are scenarios in which they could sign both, but it would involve the Rockets gutting their roster and still Bosh would likely have to accept a bit below the max.

So, the Rockets may lose out on Bosh, or they may lose Parsons because they’re still waiting on Bosh, and end up losing out on both. On Bosh’s end, he may lose out on a max offer. So, all of this ties back to LeBron, and we continue to wait. But now, we finally have some hard deadlines for decisions to be made.

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