Here’s one out of left field, and developing very quickly. Tonight, it was reported Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd recently asked ownership for a raise and to be promoted as president of basketball operations, a role that would have gave him power over current general manager Billy King. According to what’s been reported, Kidd felt the need to make this type of power play after seeing the recent money and power given to the likes of Steve Kerr and Derek Fisher.

These requests—which seem to be quite a power play for someone who’s had one year of coaching experience—were denied, and the Milwaukee Bucks have asked for permission to talk to Kidd. It is believed that Kidd is vying for a front office role, one that would allow him to oversee basketball operations of the team. The Bucks current front office, including general manager John Hammond, was not aware of any of these developments prior to the news leaking.

The domino effect here is far-reaching. First, sources are saying regardless of whether Kidd lands a role with the Bucks, he will likely not be returning to the Nets as head coach. This leaves Brooklyn with a roster in flux and having to find a new coach after many of the top candidates have already been taken off the market. The Nets would most likely prefer a veteran coach to guide this team, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Mikhail Prokhorov try and make a push for a splashy name. Except, there really aren’t too many of them on the market at the moment.

For the Bucks, this could push both general manager John Hammond and coach Larry Drew out, if Kidd were to get the role and want to bring in his own people. The timing is a bit awkward as well, seeing as the free agency period is about to kick off. The Bucks aren’t expected to be busy, but it still throws a wrench into what they want to do over the next few months.

And lastly, the lack of stability in Brooklyn could have an impact in another strange way. The Boston Celtics, you might remember, own the Nets’ 2016 and 2018 first round picks (with the right to swap first rounders in 2017 as well) from the Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce trade. You’d have to think the value of those picks in the trade market just went up a little again, which could impact any potential trades in the offseason for Kevin Love, or other impact players.

Free agents can’t negotiate with other teams until July 1st, but the offseason fireworks have started, in a very unexpected way.

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