Jason Terry Hints at Other Shenanigans in San Antonio

Was the whole air conditioning malfunction during Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals really just the result of an electrical issue in the AT&T Center? While we may never know the real answer until many years down the road, some people have already chimed in with their belief that there was definitely something conspicuous going down this past Thursday night.

AP Sports writer Tim Reynolds says Danny Green informed him that the Spurs had cooling fans in their locker room during halftime, while the Heat did not. And this isn’t the only time San Antonio has seemingly gotten that extra home-court advantage when away teams come to play. Recently, Jason Terry spoke to ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM’s The Afternoon Show with Matt Mosley and Tim Cowlishaw where he said that head coach Gregg Popovich has done stuff like that on numerous occasions. “I don’t know if it’s a conspiracy, but I’m telling you, going into San Antonio is a tough place to play,” Terry said. “I can remember very well one time where it was cold showers, there were about a thousand flies in the locker room. This year, there was a snake in the locker room. So, they’re going to pull out all the stops to get into your head.”

With the arena’s A/C becoming the primary focus for Game 2, it looks like the Spurs have already remedied the situation. Now, how else can San Antonio get into the head of Heat players prior to tonight’s contest? We may find out soon enough.

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