Pat Riley has been scouring the free agent market for a week now, hoping to secure a player, any player to show the Big Three that he is indeed capable of upgrading the roster. Well, he’s got one now, which is better than nothing. Josh McRoberts has verbally committed to a four-year, $23 million deal with the Miami Heat.

McRoberts is not a flashy name, but he is several things the Heat were looking for in free agency. First, he’s still just 27 years old, so the Heat can redistribute the minutes that went to the likes of Rashard Lewis and the retired Shane Battier to McRoberts. Second, he’s shown the capability to shoot the three, to help space out the floor with the Big Three (again, all of this assumes they return).

McRoberts shot 36.1 percent from downtown last year and is a career 34.2 percent shooter from three.

When Pat Riley sits down with LeBron this week, he’ll be able to show progress with this move. It’s not game changing, but with the money Riley has to spend, the moves were always going to be on the fringe and to upgrade the role players around the Big Three. It doesn’t have to be a sexy move, as long as LeBron considers it a good enough one to come back to Miami.

To be continued.

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