Kevin Love Visits Boston, Tweets Up a Storm

Warning: every single thing Kevin Love does for the next few months will be scrutinized to death. This is what happens when you’re the hottest commodity believed to be available on the trade market. This happened before with LeBron before he hit free agency, Carmelo when he languished in Denver, and let’s never speak again about the national Dwightmare.

This weekend, Love was spotted all around the Boston area where he was visiting. He hung out at a few bars near TD Garden and took pictures with Harvard graduates on Saturday. This is just a player visiting a city “to see what it’s like,” a coy play from a player who’s seeking a trade or a landing spot when he—as we all expect—opts out of his contract next summer. The Celtics have been mentioned as a potential trade partner, with their lottery pick in this year’s draft, a boatload of first rounders coming from Brooklyn via the Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett trade and a bunch of promising young players on their roster.

This is what Love said about the city of Boston during All-Star weekend this year, “Boston is a great city. I’m sure free agents would love to go there, especially with Stevens as a coach. He’s a guy that can win basketball games. He gets guys to play for him. They’ve been having good success there, even in his first year, and he has a lot of young players. The coach has a lot to do with it, but yeah, Boston is a great place.”

By the way, Love also showed love for his former UCLA running mate Russell Westbrook over the weekend, tweeting before Game 6 that no matter the outcome, he still considers Westbrook a top five player in the league. Of course, before we try and figure out scenarios on how the two can reunite in the NBA, also check the next tweet, when he called Tim Duncan a top five player ever. Maybe he was simply showing love for the greats in this league.

But feel free to speculate away, we’re headed for at least several months of this.

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