The Lakers get their chance to pitch Carmelo Anthony today in Los Angeles. All hands are on deck, including Kobe Bryant, who has reportedly flown back from his vacation in Europe to be in person for the meeting. According to other reports, former Laker James Worthy will also be on hand.

The Lakers have the cap room to sign ‘Melo to a max level contract, they have the allure of playing in Los Angeles, and have kept their coaching position open at the start of free agency as an additional bargaining chip. But, is all of this enough, even with Kobe at the table?

Kobe and ‘Melo are known to have a close relationship, and they’ve demonstrated the ability to play together at the Olympics. But, if the Lakers are able to recruit ‘Melo, they will have limited room to fill out the rest of their roster. A lineup of Kobe, ‘Melo, Nash and very little else would at best challenge for one of the last playoffs spots in the hyper competitive Western Conference.

Still, the Lakers are pulling out all the stops. While they did lose out on Dwight Howard last off-season to the Rockets, we should remember that when considering the overall history of the team, it’s usually not a good idea to count the Lakers out. Regardless, if they’re not able to lure ‘Melo, look for the Lakers to be very active in the free agency market. The clock is ticking on Kobe’s career, and front office seems focused on making sure they give him the best chance at contending for a title one last time.

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