We told you a couple weeks ago about Landry Fields participating on ABC’s “Sing Your Face Off”, in which he appeared in Lionel Richie.

Well, Fields will not chill on this show, and this weekend, he performed Nicki Minaj’s “Spaceships”, and did so with a complete makeover dressed up as her. You can watch his performance here:

The thing we need to consider is Fields is a member of the Toronto Raptors, and guess who the official global ambassador of that team is? Yes, Drake. And guess who Drake is really close to? Yes, Nicki Minaj.

I say all this because if Drake is really the ambassador with a list of specific tasks he needs to do in that role, one of them definitely has to be make sure one of your bench guys don’t show up as Nicki Minaj on national television.

Regardless, this show is officially on our radar, and Fields is two ridiculous costumes away from being the most embarrassing Toronto story since Rob Ford. We’re almost there.

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