LeBron is Set to Meet With Three Teams Next Week

Well, now it’s getting interesting. According to reports, the Suns, Cavaliers, Rockets and Mavericks spoke with LeBron’s agent Rich Paul, and unless Pat Riley is able to make the necessary improvements to the roster over the next few days in free agency, LeBron is set to meet with three of these teams next week.

The Suns make an intriguing case for LeBron, given the fact they could theoretically pair him with either Carmelo Anthony or Chris Bosh, which is a scenario the Suns have discussed. The Cavaliers would be a return home for LeBron. The team just signed Kyrie Irving to a contract extension, along with Andrew Wiggins, there’s a foundation there even if they don’t have a championship ready roster at the moment.

The Rockets and Mavericks would both vault themselves into the top of the Western Conference should they acquire LeBron, but neither of them can offer the max, which is what LeBron had been seeking.

Pat Riley and the Heat have been pursuing several free agents, including Anthony Morrow and Pau Gasol, but they’ve already lost two very attractive targets in Marcin Gortat and Kyle Lowry, who returned to Washington and Toronto respectively on long-term deals this week.

If LeBron is seeking the max, and Bosh and Wade aren’t taking significant pay cuts, Riley is left in a spot where he really doesn’t have the money to compete with other teams on the open market. Earlier this week, it seemed like LeBron’s return to Miami was a foregone conclusion. Now? The window of opportunity for another team to swoop in has increased from zero to at least a possibility. Stay tuned.

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