LeBron James Did Not Assure Bosh And Wade Of His Return At Their Meeting

Another day has passed in the free agency period, and with it, the anxiety around the Miami Heat roster continues to rise. It’s been widely assumed around the league that LeBron James would return to the Heat, reportedly waiting only for Pat Riley to make improvements to the roster before the foregone conclusion of putting his signature on a new deal.

But could this entire thing go another way? In the past few days, we’ve seen figures being tossed around on the pay cuts Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade are willing to take. The numbers vary, but we know they’re willing to make some sort of financial sacrifice in order to leave cap room for the rest of the roster.

The Big Three met in Miami before the start of free agency last week, and now there are reports that LeBron did not provide Bosh and Wade with any assurances of his return. LeBron simply stated his desire for a max contract. We’ve all been working on the assumption that the trio have some sort of agreement together to return, but having that assumption shattered does change things, if only a little bit.

LeBron remains very quiet several days into free agency, and all interested suitors have spoken to his agent Rich Paul to express their interest, but no meetings have been set. It’s only natural for a little doubt to creep in for Heat fans as to what LeBron’s intentions are. But until we hear about LeBron actually taking meetings with other teams, the Heat are still in the driver seat, however tenuous that spot may be.

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