LeBron Will Meet With Pat Riley This Week, Cavs Are in The Mix

There was a lot of chatter over the weekend with regards to LeBron’s free agency, but here’s what we actually know.

According to reports, LeBron will schedule a sit-down meeting with Pat Riley over the next 2-3 days, at which time they will discuss what the team’s plans are to improve the roster via free agency. So far, Riley has met with everyone from Anthony Morrow to Pau Gasol and Luol Deng but has not secured any verbal commitments from his targeted players.

Without finalized terms with LeBron, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, Riley doesn’t know how much money he has to spend under the cap and thus can’t make any concrete offers to players with a dollar amount attached to it.

Increasingly, the Cleveland Cavaliers appear to be a real player in all of this, with speculation about LeBron heading back to Ohio fanned by ESPN’s Chris Broussard:

and Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski:


On Sunday, everyone was reporting that Dan Gilbert was headed to South Beach. Gilbert responded on Twitter right away saying he was in fact hanging out in his backyard, although reports surfaced later his plane did land in Fort Lauderdale at around 6:40. Yes, free agency period, where we track the whereabouts of an owner’s plane.

Gilbert has spoken with LeBron’s agent Rich Paul, and made the pitch of a roster that includes Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins locked up for the long term, along with a team willing to spend to be a contender. The Cavs also have three first round picks next year, which can either be used to replenish the roster with talent or be used via trade to upgrade the roster.

We’ll know more about where this is all headed after LeBron meets with Riley this week.

For now, the possibility of LeBron returning to Cleveland has opened up. Just how realistic that possibility is, we’ll find out soon.

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