With the Nets down two with 4.4 seconds left and their season on the line, Brooklyn head coach Jason Kidd came up with THIS? It coulda had an option for a pass to Paul Pierce but given Kidd’s belief in the eternal clutchness of Joe Johnson we doubt it. We’ve been rehashing this criminally basic ISO for Joe Johnson since the final buzzer sounded and we’re still scratching our heads. Here’s why:

1. Pierce wasn’t ready for the ball, nor did it look like he really wanted it. He barely even tried to get open, and I don’t give a shit if the play was for JJ, I’m doing my damndest to get open for that split second the in-bounds play gets broken up and make myself option #1. Paul wanted Joe to take the shot.

2. If Joe gets a clean dribble as he turns to the middle, Jesus doesn’t get his hand on it/near it and Joe maybekindasorta gets the shot off over LBJ OR he’s gonna draw a foul, this becomes a different conversation.

3. That’s an awkward spot to run a decent out-of-bounds play. Four seconds isn’t really going to allow you to run something brilliant, which we know isn’t happening with Kidd at the helm unless you’ve been smoking something.

With all that said, Heat weren’t going to let anyone get off a good shot, so if the Nets don’t have Big Shot Rob to bail them out, maybe they shouldn’t tank in the regular season to try and get this matchup in the first place?

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