Manny Pacquiao Will Coach Basketball in the Philippines Next Season

Yesterday, it was reported that Manny Pacquiao will be coaching in the Philippines Basketball Association next season. Pacquiao is the most famous athlete in the Philippines, but better known for his boxing exploits and having never stepped into a ring to battle Floyd Mayweather. But like many Filipinos growing up, basketball was a passion of Pacquiao’s. His trainer once complained that could not stop Pacquiao from playing basketball while he was training for fights.

Now, he will get a chance to explore his love for basketball on the sidelines, where he will be coaching an expansion team in the PBA. Pacquiao called it a great responsibility. Of course, Heat coach Erik Spolestra is a Filipino American who is very popular in the Philippines. When told of the news, he was not surprised at all, “Well, I’m not taking a boxing job. But I know he’s a huge basketball fan, so it doesn’t surprise me.”

Spolestra will likely be visiting the Philippines in the summer and says he will try and attend a practice of Pacquiao’s. We know that Floyd Mayweather is a regular at courtside during Heat games, no word if he’ll try to have Spolestra pass on a few trash talking messages to his rival.

The one thing we should consider though, is if Pacquiao becomes popular enough and proves himself to be an adequate basketball coach, just how much money will Dan Gilbert throw at him? Someone had to ask the question.

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