Metta World Peace was let go by the Knicks last season and while some teams expressed interest, he didn’t land on anyone’s playoff roster. Meantime, he announced yesterday he has taken a job as an assistant coach of the girls basketball team at Palisades High.

According to their head coach Torino Johnson, he’s very excited to have Metta join the staff. “We still have to go through the paperwork process, but Metta will be a member of our 2015 coaching staff. I do a lot of work with NBA guys and I’ve gotten to know him. We’ve been talking about it for years and when I mentioned how crazy it would be for him to coach at Pali his exact words were ‘Give me a title!'”

Johnson continued, “Metta’s going to be heavy into the strategic portion of our practices. He’ll be someone you’ll see around. We’re both into mental health awareness and I’ll be really excited to see him in the gym.”

This would not be the first time the artist formerly known as Ron Artest has taken a side job while still pursuing a basketball career. As a rookie in Chicago, he applied for a job at Circuit City because he wanted to take advantage of the employee discounts.

We’re very excited to see what this new opportunity will bring, surely a lot of entertainment, but also a lot of girls who will have the chance to learn from one of the best defensive players in this era. Someone get a documentary crew set up at the school immediately.

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