Northeast Ohio is looking more and more like South Beach by the day.

Since LeBron James left the Miami Heat to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers last Friday, the Cavs have signed Mike Miller on Tuesday and James Jones on Wednesday. Both are James’s former Heat teammates. Now, according to a report, Miller says he will actively recruit Ray Allen, another one of James’s friends and former Miami teammates, to the Cleveland fold as well.

Sounding every bit the salesman, Miller said playing alongside King James spells winning 55-60 games during the regular season, but come playoff time, having a key veteran like Allen would be priceless.

Miller definitely believes in James, opting to take a two-year $5.5 million deal from the Cavs in walking away from  a three-year, $12 million offer from the Denver Nuggets.

Adding Allen will give the Cavs another veteran sharpshooter like Miller.

Will Miller be able to get this done or will Allen, who turns 39 on July 20th, decide to call it a career and look forward to being named a Hall of Famer?


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