With the Los Angeles Clippers selling for a league-record $2 billion, Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov is listening to offers for the Brooklyn Nets franchise, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. Prokhorov isn’t intent on selling the franchise, he’s merely listening to offers at this juncture.

The Los Angeles Clippers don’t have a rich history, mostly being remembered for being the neglected step-brother of the Los Angeles Lakers. With the Clippers netting $2 billion in a sale to Steve Ballmer, Prokhorov seems interested in what his franchise could net. Prokhorov and his associates believe that the combination of the Nets franchise and the Barclays Center could bring something around the $2 billion that the Clippers sold for. The Russian billionaire bought the Nets franchise and a percentage of Barclays Center back in 2010 for $223 million. Prokhorov owns 80 percent of the Nets and 45 percent of the Barclays Center. The NHL’s New York Islander’s are reportedly set to move into Barclays at the beginning of the 2015-2016 NHL season.

In his short tenure as owner of the Nets, Prokhorov has proven he isn’t afraid to spent inordinate amounts of money to take his franchise to the top. However, the Brooklyn franchise hasn’t escaped the second-round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs since his takeover, even though the Nets had a payroll of $190 million last season, salary and luxury tax included. The Russian Billionaire might be smart to sell the Nets during a time where franchises are being sold for record numbers.

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