NBA Teams’ Twitter Accounts are Going All Out This Summer

There once was a time when NBA teams’ Twitter accounts, like most corporate social media accounts, were vanilla af. Those days are over though, as more and more NBA teams take on a livelier, looser approach to Twitter — especially during the drudgery of summer. Basically, NBA teams’ Twitter accounts got jokes now.

The Phoenix Suns and the Philadelphia Sixers had this fun exchange on Tuesday.



  A day later, the Phoenix Suns and the Minnesota Timberwolves, who were facing off up in a summer league game, had this back-and-forth.





What’s cool is that, in the case of the Suns and the Wolves, they directly tweeted to each other (in tweets starting with the @, which means they’d only show on the timelines of people who follow both accounts), of course, the two teams were engaging in a fun banter that aimed to draw attention to their product, but they did it a low-key manner, not forcing those tweets on everyone else’s timeline.


These teams have likely taken cues from the Atlanta Hawks’ Twitter account, which has developed a reputation for being one of the funnier accounts in the league, with tweets like thisthis, and for Al Horford’s birthday, this:
















The Milwaukee Bucks’ account has been consistently fun too, like earlier this year when they tweeted a series of photoshopped images with Bucks players’ faces over movies. Tough Juice as Derek Zoolander? Why not.


  The Suns’ account was at it again today, trying to start an emoji movement with the #SunsEmoji hashtag.

They love their pop culture references too.



Of course, as all social media staff should know, there’s a fine line between jokey trashtalk banter and actual trashtalk that can come back to bite you in the ass, like when like when the Portland Trailblazer account tweeted this earlier this year…and ended up losing in the first round three months later. We would advise caution but then, what fun would that be?


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