NCAA, UNC Call BS on Rashad McCants

In a radio interview Monday, former University of North Carolina hoops star Rashad McCants claimed UNC and the NCAA are going to cut him checks of over $10 million and $300 million, respectively. Well, that’s not going to happen.

Today, the NCAA’s Director of Public and Media Relations, Stacey Osburn, tweeted: “So everyone is clear: Contrary to Rashad McCants’ public statements in the media, the @NCAA hasn’t and won’t provide him with $300mil.” There’s another problem with McCants’s claims too—UNC doesn’t have the slightest damn clue as to what the former shooting guard is talking about.

“We have no idea what Rashad McCants is referring to with regard to monetary compensation,” a University of North Carolina athletic spokesperson told ABC11 in North Carolina on Tuesday. “We again encourage him to speak directly to Kenneth Wainstein regarding his academic experience at UNC.” Wainstein, a former U.S. attorney and veteran of the U.S. Justice Department, was commissioned by the University to conduct an investigation of academic imbalances on campus.

The move to bring Wainstein on comes after McCants said during an interview last month that he rarely went to class for half his time in college and took fraudulent courses designed to keep student-athletes academically eligible just so they can continue playing basketball. Like the University, Tar Heels coach Roy Williams expressed disbelief last month over McCants’s claims of academic fraud too. No checks being cut to McCants, after all.

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