When Mikhail Prokhorov became owner of the Nets in 2010, he said that the franchise would become a champion within five seasons or he’d get married. Well, Mikhail is inching ever closer to tying the knot and the upcoming 2014-15 season is the Brooklyn Nets’ last chance to make to keep their bachelor owner from taking the leap.

New Nets coach Lionel Hollins says contending can be done. “I believe all the possibilities for being a champion are in place,” Hollins said in an interview with the team’s website. “And we just have to do our jobs to make it a reality, both the players and the coaches. And then we can all celebrate together.”

After losing Paul Pierce to the Washington Wizards via free agency, Brooklyn would be fortunate to win another playoff series, but a championship? It’s not realistic considering teams in the Eastern Conference such as the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls improved with the additions of LeBron James and Pau Gasol, respectively, the Indiana Pacers still figure to be an issue, and squads like the Washington Wizards and Charlotte Hornets are on the rise.

Hey, but there isn’t anything wrong with being confident.

Despite Pierce’s departure, the veteran coach looks like he’ll be returning the services of Kevin Garnett for his 20th year. KG, who turned 38 in May, is due $12 million this season. The Nets also still have sharpshooter Joe Johnson and if they could return point guard Deron Williams and center Brook Lopez in better health, a run is certainly possible.

But Mikhail, we hate to break it to you, it might be time to get your pre-nup game up…way up!




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