Now that Derek Fisher’s season and playing career are over, Phil Jackson—who got knocked with a $25K tampering fine for mentioning Fisher in a press conference last week—is free to pursue his former point guard for the Knicks coaching position. The Zen Master has made it clear that he prefers someone who he has a previous relationship with, which is why names like Fisher, Luke Walton and Tyronn Lue keep surfacing.

Yesterday, Patrick Ewing appeared on CBS Sports Radio, and expressed his interest in the job, “I’d love to go back to New York. My family is still there, I still have a home there. I’m not sure what is going to happen in terms of who they’re going to have to fill that void but if I get a call, I’m ready.”

Ewing has put in his time as an assistant, having worked for the Wizards, Rockets and Magic, and is currently the associate head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats. It must be a little frustrating to Ewing to see recently retired players such as Jason Kidd and Derek Fisher get coaching jobs right after retirement without having paid the same dues.

Obviously New Yorkers would welcome an Ewing hire but Jackson has a clear vision of the type of coach he wants involved—one of his former players who has knowledge of the Triangle Offense. Jackson has said he doesn’t want to and can’t physically coach but it appears more and more he’ll be very hands-on from the front office, especially if he’s picking someone without prior head coaching experience.

As for Ewing, it appears he’ll have to wait at least another year, as none of the current coaching vacancies have been linked to him so far.

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