Phil Jackson Confident of Knicks Re-Signing Carmelo Anthony

Phil Jackson hasn’t heard from Carmelo Anthony in recent days. But the New York Knicks team president is confident that ’Melo will re-sign and stay in the Big Apple. Now, he, like everyone else, is waiting for the All-Star small forward to make a decision.

“I expected one (Wednesday) and the day before yesterday. We’re waiting,” Jackson said Thursday after soaking in a Knicks’ summer-league practice in Las Vegas, according to multiple reports. “I felt really good about my conversation with Carmelo (last Thursday in Los Angeles). We really struck a chord. The two of us feel really passionately about what we’re trying to get accomplished. It’s his ability to stay, be patient, lead and watch us develop a winner. There’s no instantaneous winner that we think is going to happen to the Knicks right now, but we’re going to be a lot better.”

Jackson also stated that he has texted Anthony a couple times since they met last week, but hasn’t received a response just yet. The Knicks have offered ’Melo a five-year, $129 million contract, which is $33 million more than any other NBA team can offer him.

Anthony is said to be torn over deciding between the Knicks, Chicago Bulls, and Los Angeles Lakers, who have a deal on the table of $96 million over four years for the superstar scorer.

Still, will Anthony be able to leave $33 million in New York for the chance to team with Kobe Bryant? Decisions, decisions.

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