There was a report yesterday that Carmelo Anthony had decided to return to the New York Knicks. But Phil Jackson met with the media today and provided an update. Since meeting ‘Melo last week, Phil has texted his superstar forward for a response, but is still waiting to hear back from him.

The most interesting tidbit from Phil was that there are five contract offers on the table for ‘Melo to choose from. Presumably, one of them is a max five year contract, while the rest of the options would pay less annually or perhaps with less years on them.

So, the Knicks are basically putting the ball in ‘Melo’s court. If you want to come back at the max, go ahead, but just know there will be less flexibility to add players around you. Alternatively, you could take less money and we can build around you a bit easier.

It’s an interesting approach to take, and definitely leaves room for ‘Melo to be criticized for not helping the Knicks create the flexibility they need, which is another entirely different conversation altogether.

So, the Knicks are still waiting to hear back from their superstar, and also waiting to find out which one of the five offers he ends up choosing.

As with everything right now: stay tuned.

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