This seems like a timely reminder that film maker Kris Belman, who directed the LeBron James featured documentary “More Than A Game”, has been working on a documentary for ESPN’s 30 for 30 series on the Cleveland sports fan.

Belman believes there’s no other sports city who would be more appropriate to film this type of doc, “To me it works best in this city. I want to say it’s the only one where it works but that’s probably just being a Cleveland fan. It’s not just not having won a championship. It’s being almost there and not getting it done. Being left at the altar … people come at with me the Cubs but other Chicago teams have won. Or you’ll hear San Diego in the discussion. I mean, they got the beach. I’ll personally pay for the flight of any San Diego fan to come to Cleveland in February if they want to make that argument. If you’re wearing shorts to a football game and it’s November, there’s something not quite the same there.”

When last reported, the film was expected to be released in 2014. Belman has been soliciting fan responses on what they think it means to be a Cleveland sports fan.

Of course, we might have to completely change the last 15 minutes of this documentary if LeBron does indeed decide to return to Cleveland for next season, and that’s not even considering the impending arrival of Andrew Wiggins and Johnny Manziel. Stay tuned.

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