Russell Westbrook’s fashion takeover continues. The Oklahoma City Thunder guard has teamed up with luxury eyewear manufacturer Selima Optical on his own brand of eyewear, available today. His initial drop of ten styles will be available in optical, sunglass and, obvi, lensless versions, all the better to match to his next boldly patterned outfit. “Eyewear has had a very big influence on my style. Like a pocket square is to a suit; that is how I see eyewear as a part of my outfit,” Westbrook says. ”I am inspired by color, and like to use eyewear to bring color into my outfits.”

The unisex collection comes in four different colorways, as part of the F/W debut for his new venture, Westbrook Frames. The L.A.-native named each style for a different California city, a nod to the style inspiration he gets from the Left Coast.

Westbrook became synonymous with extreme eyewear choices thanks to his turn in the 2012 NBA playoffs, when he busted out his famously lensless red glasses at post-game press conferences. Since then, Westbrook has delved deeper into high fashion and accessories, culminating with this year’s collaboration with Barney’s NY. The store will carry a limited edition of three of the styles, each at $295, with the rest of the collection on sale at (from $75-145).

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