Before the Finals, ABC has been broadcasting special editions of Jimmy Kimmel Live in which NBA stars have appeared to play one-on-one against the host. To level the playing field, Kimmel’s opponents have to spin what is called a “Eq-Wheel-Lizer”, which forces them to have to do something else while they play. Examples include being wrapped in bubble wrap, wearing Hulk hands, carrying an egg on a spoon, wearing socks and shoes on their hands and more.

Steph Curry was first up on Thursday, drawing the task of riding a tricycle while playing Kimmel. That was not the end of the surprises. Marv Albert was there to provide play-by-play commentary as Curry struggled to get around on his tricycle and at the same time get off a few long-range attempts one-handed. You can watch the video here:

Last night, DeMarcus Cousins was the next contestant up. He had to play a marching band drum while facing Kimmel. Watch the hilarious matchup its entirety here:

If these continue throughout the Finals, we would not be opposed to seeing Paul Pierce have to play in a wheelchair.

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