Steph Curry is Still Getting Over Mark Jackson’s Firing

When Golden State’s Steph Curry was presented with the Kia Community Assist Seasonlong Award last Thursday at the team’s practice facility he used the time to answer a few questions about the dismissal of coach Mark Jackson.

Even though Jackson had a fractured relationship with his assistant coaches, the front office and owner Joe Lacob, he was on very good standing with his players, especially Curry, who explicitly told the media several times during the season and after the playoffs that he wanted Jackson to return.

Curry was surprised at how quickly the decision was made right after the Warriors were eliminated in the first round by the Clippers, “I think the feeling was how quick things happened after the season—it was kind of a shock. It takes some time to kind of respond and react. Obviously, they made a semi-quick hire, but I think as the summer goes on, we’ll kind of remove ourselves from last year to next year, and it’ll be fine.

“It’s just tough, though—there’s no sugarcoating it. It was a weird, expedited situation that we didn’t see coming, and guys as humans have to be able to adjust to it and have some time to respond,” Curry continued. “That relationship will never stop. He did a lot for me as a player and as a person. It’s emotional, for sure, to see that come to an end.”

As for moving forward with new head coach Steve Kerr, Curry said they’ve had three to four phone conversations and plan to meet in person soon. Curry also addressed recent trade rumors of his backcourt mate Klay Thompson, saying that he would prefer to continue to grow together with his fellow Splash Brother.

Even though he still has strong feelings for coach Jackson, Curry is ready to move forward, “I think this decision is geared toward winning. That’s something that flies well with players. They’re going to try to put us in the best position to win. Obviously, I had a certain opinion of Coach Jackson, and they made a decision otherwise. I heard the reasons and I won’t dwell on it, but as long as we’re focused on winning, taking advantage of the roster we have and the opportunity we have with this window to try to continue to get better, I’m just looking forward to next year and getting back to making that happen.”

It’s encouraging for Warriors fans to hear that Curry is open and supportive to the idea of a new coach. But it remains to be seen whether that changes if the Warriors get off to a slow start with their new head coach next year.

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