The Knicks Are Embracing The Triangle Already In Las Vegas

When Phil Jackson arrived in New York, one of the things he brought with him was the triangle offense. During his coaching search, he sought out former players familiar with the triangle, including Steve Kerr and Luke Walton, before hiring Derek Fisher.

They’re putting the principles of the triangle offense to work at summer league so far, to great result. Yesterday, the Knicks were up 73-33 at one point in their summer league match-up against the Charlotte Hornets.

The new ball moving offense has been refreshing for Knicks fans, even though it’s only in summer league action, and Fisher is preaching ball movement to anyone who will listen, “What these guys are doing in terms of sharing the basketball with each other and playing as a team, those have been messages we’ve been talking about our entire time here in Las Vegas. Everything we do has to be as a team. I think it’s showing at both ends that these guys are really trusting each other.”

Fisher also realizes how the offense can take the burden off Carmelo Anthony, “What I’ve thought about is how much easier the game will be for him that we won’t just give him the ball and say ‘save the day. We’ll utilize our four [other] men, we’ll utilize our offense, we’ll utilize he and the other guys around him to be successful on the offensive end, build trust, build chemistry, build a fun way to play for guys that our defense is better.”

It’s still early, but change is upon us in New York.

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