Carmelo Anthony has finished his free agent tour. He met with the Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers during his trip. On Thursday, the Knicks met with their superstar in Los Angeles as well. According to reports, they have made a verbal offer to ‘Melo for the max, which would pay him $129 million over five years.

This, of course, runs counter to what Phil Jackson has been saying for weeks. Phil has been very vocal about how ‘Melo needs to make a financial sacrifice for the better of the team. Perhaps that was just a negotiating tactic, and the Knicks realize now they have to use the fact they can offer the most years and dollars to their advantage. Or, maybe James Dolan has stepped in and ordered this to be the case. Either way, when this all shakes out, we’ll surely find out where the directive is coming from.

‘Melo is expected to take the long weekend to mull over the offers. The Lakers have also offered the max, but they can only offer four years and $96 million. The Bulls, Rockets and Mavericks would need to create additional cap room to get to the max number the Lakers have offered.

It appears we’ll find out soon where ‘Melo is headed.

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