The Latest in Miami: Granger Signs, Bosh is Considering Houston

Earlier in the afternoon, the Heat announce the signing of Josh McRoberts. Soon after, it was reported Danny Granger had agreed to a two-year, $4.2 million deal with the team as well. So, after a week of surveying the market and talking to anyone willing to listen, Riley has made a couple moves to bolster the roster.

While McRoberts can be a capable threat from long-term, it’s uncertain whether Granger can provide a significant upgrade. Similar to players the Heat have signed in the Big Three era — notably Rashard Lewis, Greg Oden, Ray Allen — the Heat are taking on a player who is on the downside of his career.

In the meantime, while everyone’s waiting for LeBron to make up his mind, Chris Bosh has reportedly spoken with the Houston Rockets, who are offering the max of 4 years, $96 million to the Heat power forward. It is reported Bosh spoke with LeBron over the weekend and is now considering the offer.

Things are moving in a bunch of directions right now. The Heat are making fringe moves as if they’re expecting the Big Three to return. But Pat Riley is in a position where he’s stuck having to convince LeBron first with these signings before he can get his signature on a contract.

Meanwhile, Bosh is getting antsy and doesn’t want to be left in a position where he’s both not playing with LeBron in Miami and without a max contract.

There’s way too many things up in the air right now. If Bosh commits to signing with another team before LeBron makes up his mind, the Heat plan of bringing back all three will be sunk. So, Bosh is actually a key player in all this, not a better player than LeBron, but perhaps more important to making all of this work than we think.

We’ll get some additional information soon, after Riley and LeBron meet face to face this week.

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