The NBA is Considering Pushing the Draft Back and Adding an Awards Show

Adam Silver is considering options to move the NBA Draft back to a proposed date of July 1st, and the league is also considering an end-of-season awards show.

The motivation behind moving the draft is because the league thinks the turnaround from the end of the NBA Finals to draft night is too soon right now, and doesn’t give enough time for the draft to get its proper build-up. Of course, many may disagree with that, given how much workouts and draft hype are already happening even as the playoffs are still in progress. This season, the Finals ended on June 15th, and the draft happened 11 days after. Moving it back would give it at least a two week gap. The league may be looking to create these gaps between the end of the season and the draft to start mapping out an offseason that starts later, and gives the NBA a “year-round” feel.

The potential roadblocks to this would be getting the players to agree to start the free agency period later, and also see whether television partners are willing to broadcast the draft at a later date than currently scheduled.

The awards show, on the other hand, could work out if done well. Currently, the league roles out its year-ending awards throughout the postseason and this would centralize presentations for the MVP, Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year, etc. As we’ve seen with the Oscars, the BET awards and any show of this variety, people love to tune in if only to make fun of it, and just from the fashion choices alone social media would be all over an NBA awards show.

These ideas are still under consideration and there are no formal plans in place to execute them at the moment.

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