The internet is a place where memories don’t go to die. No, in fact it’s the exact opposite, everything that goes online basically stays there forever. This is especially awkward when your head coach suddenly up and leaves the organization, a week after a press conference was held to announce a new practice facility.

The Brooklyn Nets are moving on from Jason Kidd, and part of that process is phasing him out of all the photos he took as recently as last week. Here’s the original photo of Kidd and members of the organization at the new practice facility last week. And here’s the same photo that’s on their site now.

We’re going to go ahead and assume the photo was not accidentally cropped at where Jason Kidd once stood.

The Nets, of course, also retired Jason Kidd’s number, so a banner with his name remains at the Barclays Center. We’ll keep you posted on any sudden disappearances of banners from the rafters.

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